Vinyl is back!!
My vinyl collection up to now can be viewed here! 

* My latest vinyl purchase *

Kiss - Destroyer (Limited Edition 3000 copy's on Marbled Red Vinyl)

Greta Van Fleet - Black Smoke Rising  (4 track EP)

More KISS....


** Record Store Day ** April 21, 2018 **


Metallica: Record Store Day Ambassador 2016

The vinyl LP is BACK! (More info here!)

Nice books about vinyl lovers: "Passion for Vinyl" part 1 & 2 by Robert Haagsma (more info here!)

Framed! Sticky Fingers - The Rolling Stones

Check out some vinyl store's in my neighborhood :
Or buy 2nd hand vinyl online:  Back2Black, Bob's Vinyl

Metallica's best album! Now spinning...

Time to clean:
Knosti Disc Antistat LP washer (Tip!)

Grand Funk Railroad - Some Kind of Wonderful (7" single)